Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Carly Schroeder

Carly is allergic to smoke. She mentioned in an interview that She sneezed for ten minutes non-stop when having encountered some for a role she had to play. Not only is this full chested beauty allergic, she also has a wonderfully sexy, full nose.

Schroeder: "I do have a smaller family than Gracie for sure. My brother and I are both very competitive, not really against each other, just competitive in sports or him with the video games (laughs), very competitive with that, and I have a thing where if I set a goal, I don't stop until I reach it. That's another thing that I can share with Gracie, but other than that, I haven't gone through any of the things that Gracie has gone through. I can't smoke 'cause I'm allergic to smoke, and I had to smoke for another movie and I couldn't do it. Any type of smoke I'm absolutely full-on allergic to. I was sneezing for pretty close to ten minutes straight."