Sunday, August 5, 2007

Jenna Fischer's Allergies

More on Jenna's allergies. She actually has multiple allergies and there might even be a blooper reel of Her sneezes on the next DVD of The Office. Here's the excerpt from the interview with Alive magazine:

Some excerpts:

KH: Do they ever have to do multiple takes because you’re cracking up at a funny scene?

JF: I laugh a lot and I mess up the most takes either by laughing or sneezing. The editor was putting together the DVD and said he wants to insert a track just with all the takes I’ve messed up from sneezing because I have bad allergies. I have allergy pills hidden all over the place—in my bedroom, in my purse, in my trailer. [Ironically, cats are one of the things she’s allergic to. and She owns one!]
KH: Maybe Pam should just have allergies!
JF: I know, they should just write that in next season. But sometimes we’ll be taking a scene and I’ll be holding in a sneeze and my eyes start watering and they’ll be like, “We can’t use that either; it looks like Pam’s crying!”